Nowhere to Be Found

By Darren M. Grine




whippet border




I will forever do things my way

If you don稚 believe it, wait another day

No matter what it is, I値l have the final say


As I知 left alone, I知 at my best

When you池e not home, I知 on a quest

 I知 a prized whippet, so I知 always the guest


Food is my focus of attention

While it becomes an issue of contention

Run of the kitchen usually puts me in detention


Lounging is what I like to do

After a busy day I値l sleep for an hour or two

Once I shake a leg, I知 ready for something new


I can be daring and carefree bar none

Without hesitation, I will randomly run

 Living for the moment, I値l play with reckless fun


Opening closed doors is what I知 all about

I enjoy getting into everything without a doubt

As I知 ransacking the place, I値l go on an all out rout


 Magazines on the desk become a shredded mess

Those bite marks left on the table, I値l never confess

That nicely made bed is now customized, more or less


While your house is my personal playground

 I値l wallow in my behavior as I go round and round

If you go searching for me, I値l be nowhere to be found




Copyright ゥ2005 Darren M. Grine




Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.




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