Unexpected Loss

By Darren M. Grine




The time we met, it was friendship at first sight

From the start, it was meant to be and it felt so right


As you weaned me, you knew I was a handful

Since you were always so patient, I was happy and grateful


During the night I kept you warm while you slept in your bed

At the break of dawn you let me out and made sure that I was fed


While I wagged my tail you ate breakfast and read the morning paper

Before you left for work we would go outside and enjoy a playtime caper


When you were at work I kept myself busy and then I would take a peaceful nap

Anxiously at the end of the day I would wait for you so I could spring on your lap


While they never came soon enough, I always looked forward to the weekends

The car rides and walks around the block or playing games made us best of friends


Every day was new and exciting and we couldnít ask for any more

But one day everything changed because destiny came knocking on my door


You did not expect it nor did I, but God wanted me for a reason

Please donít be unhappy because we will meet again in another season


Our thoughts and time spent together are forever engraved in time

Donít forget and always keep me in your heart as I will keep you in mine


I'll treasure our memories as I wait for our paths once more to cross

 Just remember, live for the moment because life can bring an unexpected loss


Copyright © 2005  Darren M. Grine



Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.


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