Whippet Friends

By Darren M Grine



                                                                                                                                                                                                                stainedglass2.gif  stainedglass1.gif


They come from places with colorful lifestyles

The whippets we admire give us boundless smiles


Some are show dogs while others are pet quality

These royal companions come from such a variety


Many are fully brindle or solid in color

 Others have mixed coats but both look stellar


No matter if theyre the wildest or modest breed

Our confidants become our best of friends indeed


Whether from the hound or hunting class

These canines love coursing through the grass


Since they enjoy basking in splendid glory

Each and every whippet entails a different story


Like their caretakers they exhibit a life of zest

 Soft beds and the best food are given upon request


 Daily events can be told like show time reviews

Every owner tells a story like its front page news


Loyal sighthound owners live near and far

All proclaim their whippet is their shining star


 Ties between whippet and master forever transcends

Owners will go to the far ends just to stay whippet friends



Copyright 2005 Darren M Grine




Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.



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